Flo from Progressive is one of the top brand icons in the United States. She's best known for her fun,
down-to-earth, and quirky attitude. Working with a senior copywriter, I led the visual direction of
Flo's social channels to be in character and on trend. This exploration of her character
expanded into different digital media.
Although Flo is a fictional character, her social media reflects how a real person would post.
The strategy for her posts is to be whimsical, interactive, and authentic.
Although Flo is played by an actress, she is a character. One of my roles was to help expand that character
and adapt the design for different media. Creating an animated/illustrated Flo also helps generate new
content without always relying on the actress to be available. The established guidelines
such as the blue headband, red lipstick, brown hair, and white apron help keep Flo recognizable
but does not limit the characters versatility. 

Flo's character was illustrated for internal celebrations, games, Inmoji app, and iOS stickers.
Working with external agencies, we created a 3D model of Flo to use in AR scenarios.
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